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Product Development


Products are being developed and optimized mainly in direct cooperation with customers, but also on our own responsibility. Top fields of application are refractories, kiln furnitures and other areas of ceramics. However, ALPHA CERAMICS is also successfully engaged in related industries like glass industry, building materials industry and especially in various fields of environmental technologies.

The services cover characterization and selection of starting materials, recipe formulation, selection and optimization of suitable processes for the individual production steps up to product characterization.

Examples of realised product developments:

Stacking aid of complex shape:

The shaping of semi-moist plastic refractory mixes with conventional pressing methods often causes macroscopic microstructural flaws, in an extreme case even considerable layer formation due to entrapped air. These microstructural flaws of plastic shaping can be completely eliminated when applying vacuum pressing technology. This allows homogenous compaction of complex shaped products with considerable differences in thickness.

Improvement of the thermal shock resistance:

The substitution of the corundum in our Alphoxit qualities by silicon carbide leads to an increase of the thermal shock resistance by 70 % to 170 K, resulting in considerably  later occurrence of cracks. At the same time, the thermal conductivity is improved, which leads to a faster relief of temperature gradients and thus additionally reduces stress in the components. The resulting new material Alphacarbid is used in heavily demanding firing processes and can be identified easily by its "salt and pepper" appearance.


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