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LAEIS Company Leaflet de / en 1.9 MB
LAEIS Leaflet Presses en 3.9 MB
Comparison of Different Shaping Technologies for Advanced Ceramics Production
[cfi/Ber. DKG 86 (2009) No. 4, pp. E41-E48]
en 4.6 MB
Hydraulic Pressing of Prebaked Anodes for Aluminium Smelters  [ALUMINIUM 2008 No. 1-2, pp. 40-43] en 0.5 MB
Hydraulic Pressing of Advanced Ceramics
[cfi/Ber. DKG 84 (2007) No. 6, pp. E27-E32]
en 1 MB
Innovative Kiln Furniture and Manufacturing Technologies
(only German)
[cfi/Ber. DKG 82 (2005) No. 9, pp. D21-D24]
de 1.5 MB
Fast Acting Vacuum Device - Guaranteed Quality for Pressed Refractories
[Interceram Refractories Manual 2003, pp. 28-33]
en 2.5 MB
LAEIS - 150 Years as a Partner for the Ceramics Industry
[Refractories Worldforum 2 (2010) No. 3, pp. 47-50]
en 5.3 MB

Case Study - Applying Lateral Thinking to Process Development and Optimization of Specialty Kiln Furniture                                                      [American Ceramic Society Bullitin, Vol. 94, No. 2]

en  0.4 MB 

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