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Thermal Treatment


The manufacture of ceramic products always includes thermal treatment, which, depending on the system, consists of drying, debindering and firing or of a combination of these operations in single or multi-step processes. Beside the production of shaped green bodies, ALPHA CERAMICS offer also the thermal treatment. This includes drying and firing of silicate ceramic and oxide ceramic products which have been shaped in our company or green products supplied directly by the customer.
Different aggregates are available for the thermal treatment. Various laboratory dryers and kilns, a climate regulated large volume chamber dryer up to different chamber kilns and a combination of roller dryer / roller kiln. Firing temperatures up to approx. 1700 °C can be realized.

Thermal treatment facilities >>

Examples for toll production in the field of drying / firing:
 • drying / firing of large cast silicate ceramic pieces
 • crystallisation of large glass ceramic plates
 • firing of inorganic pigments

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