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Spray Drying / Body Preparation

In the ceramic industry, the spray drying process is used to convert powders or mixtures into a free-flowing granulate. For this purpose a slurry is prepared from the material and, depending on the system, different organic additives are added in order to improve the compressibility of the granulate and the green strength of the product. The slurry is injected into the spray tower under pressure and dried in a hot gas counterflow. The finished spray granulate features excellent flow properties which ensures uniform filling of a press mould. The different spray drying parameter such as water content of the slurry, pump pressure, nozzle type and diameter, vacuum and temperature in the spray tower can decisively influence the properties of the granulate. ALPHA CERAMICS offer the possibility to spray dry your materials such as alumina, zirconia, AlTiO5, raw material for sputtering targets, tiles bodies and others.
For this purpose we have an industrial spray dryer with an evaporation capacity of 180 l/h. Various crushing and grinding machines including wet ball mills, a pearl mill as well as intensive mixers of different sizes are available for material preparation.

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Examples for toll production in the field of body preparation:
 • development & optimisation of binder/additive systems for spray drying
 • spray drying of alumina for electronic applications
 • spray drying of zinc oxide and alumina doped zinc oxide for sputtering targets (also nano powders)

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