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Uniaxial pressing of powder, granulates and bodies is the most applied shaping technology in many areas of the ceramic industry. ALPHA CERAMICS offer the possibility to evaluate the optimum pressing parameters for your product and the respective task as well as to press the product to a certain extent for you using various laboratory presses, modified LAEIS tile presses of type Alpha 800 and Alpha 1500 and a LAEIS refractory press of type HPF 630.

Various special technical possibilities are available to fulfill special requirements:

 • wide range of moulds for plates, bricks, full and hollow cylinders and more complex shapes
 • movable mould frame for uniform compaction of products with greater height
 • vacuum technology to avoid formation of layers in the product
 • heatable mould for pressing at temperatures up to 200 °C
 • special coatings to improve material removal respectively to avoid caking
 • various mould filling devices
for even mould filling
Shaping facilities >>

Examples for toll production in the field of shaping:
 • stacking aids of complex shape
 • pusher plates
 • graphite flake spacer
 • ballistic body protection plates (curved)

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